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What's your origin story?

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

For me - Work Ethic.

Being born into an immigrant family, I remember the times when we didn't have much, couldn't understand the people around us, & couldn't quite count on anyone - other than each other. As a young boy, I remember spending Saturday mornings eagerly sifting through the heap of clothes at the local thrift stores with my mom & brother, hoping to find the next treasure. My mom carefully watched as the cashier weighed the clothes - making sure the scale didn't exceed $10, which was all we had to cloth a family of 4 for the month.

The 7 day work weeks and 12 hour work days were a way of life for my parents early on. Not a matter of luxury - simply a matter of survival. This became the life blood of my view of the world. In fact, as a 12-13 year old boy, some of my most memorable times bonding with my father were on the job site working, making $4 an hour at the construction company he founded soon after my parents settled in "Little Poland" (a mostly-Polish ethnic community in Northwest Chicago, which was especially vibrant in the 1980s-90s).

We've long moved from these humble beginnings, but I carry this work ethic with me until this day & rely on it regularly as a guiding light.

So how to summarize my origin story? Lead by example & never shy away from hard work. It may lead to bigger & better things.

What's your origin story?

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